Credit Rating Advisory

A credit rating can materially affect a borrower’s cost of funding and the way in which lenders assess against comparable companies.We provide full support on every aspect of credit ratings – enabling our clients to address and benefit from a new rating, or a change in rating, and its effect on funding options, specific transactions and their overall corporate finance strategy.

This expertise covers a number of areas. For new ratings, we support clients through the due diligence and credit positioning elements as well as providing overall project management. This includes using published ratings methodologies to model publicly available financial information and business plans. This enables us to arrive at an assessment of likely outcomes within a specific range that can inform early decision making.In addition, we work with clients with an existing credit rating in order to test potential changes in their business strategies or plans by assessing their possible impact on the credit rating of the business. This often means supporting clients through a ratings evaluation or assessment service offered by the credit rating agencies.

  1. Seeking credit rating for their loans and bonds,
  2. Motivate to adopt good governance practices
  3. Provide solutions for self-correction & self-improvement
  4. Increase credit acceptability with Banks and Financial Institutions.


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